Keep your Kia cool and problem-free under the summer sun

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With the days getting hotter, many of you are probably planning a summer getaway with your Kia. Kia BUZZ wants to make sure your driving is delightful, rain or shine, so here we bring you some tips for driving in the heat and rain.


Prevent Damage from the Sun




Leaving your car under the hot sun for a long time can be really bad for your car, and potentially hazardous. On a scorching summer day at 30°C (86℉), the temperature inside the car can rise up to 80°C (176℉) in just a few hours.

 Don’t leave electronic devices including smart phones, laptops and portable batteries in the car, and don’t forget that aerosol sprays, lighters and even soda cans and bottles can explode in extreme temperatures.




What to do with the devices attached to the car such as GPS systems or dashboard cameras? Covering your dash with a sunshade is a good idea. The protective materials will reflect the strong rays coming from the outside and make sure the interior stays relatively cooler.

The best way to prevent any issues ahead of time is to park in the shade. However, most of the time, those perfect spots are already taken. In those cases, try parking in the opposite direction to the sun. The rear window of the car is smaller and at a steeper angle than the front windshield which will help avoid direct sun rays from entering your vehicle.


Stay Prepared for Rainy Days




Summer months also mean rain in many parts of the world.. When the roads are wet, a layer of water builds up between the wheels and the road, lowering traction and thus reducing vehicle handling and control while driving. Tires with even minimal cracks and abrasions should be replaced ahead of time and tire pressure must be kept slightly higher than usual to gain extra traction.




Ever notice a moldy smell inside your car after it rains? Bacteria and smelly mold thrive in damp and humid environments. To remove any mold that may have built up, visit your service center to have you air filter checked.

Also, make it a habit to turn off the air conditioner and switch to the air-circulation mode five minutes before you end your drive. This will give the cabin air filter time to air-dry.




Keep these tips in mind for sensible and pleasant driving during the summer. Plan a getaway with your Kia and unleash yourself for some warm weather fun!


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