Kia Anniversary – What happened in August 1973?

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Q: What notable event occurred in August 1973?

Forty-four years ago in 1973, the Kia Brisa B-1000 model rolled off Kia’s assembly line to replace the three-wheeled mini trucks released in the 1960s. As one of the first automobiles to be assembled in Korea, the Brisa pick-up marked the start of domestic automobile production in the country.



Kia Brisa B-1000 pick-up truck



Kia Brisa four-door sedan


Manufactured in the newly built Sohari production facility, the Brisa pick-up was a beta model for the popular four-door sedan to follow the year after. The model line was an overall success and in 1975 the Brisa pick-up also became the first Kia to be exported when 31 units were shipped to the Middle East. 



Kia Brisa models being transported for export


The Brisa’s introduction to export markets is a significant moment in history for Kia Motors. As the brand’s first attempt at producing commercial four-wheeled motor vehicles, the success of the Brisa pick-up and sedan signified the company’s potential for growth among competing automakers at the time. Soon after, Kia began to develop and introduce numerous successful models, growing and thriving to where we are today.




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What do you think about the Kia Brisa? Just as we did with our very first vehicle, Kia will not waver in our mission to deliver quality automobiles to the world. Stay tuned to find out more about important moments in Kia’s brand history!


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