Hybrids under fire – Myths and misconceptions

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Concerns for the environment are higher than ever before and so is the sheer availability of sustainable driving options. Although hybrid cars are receiving more and more widespread attention, we find that customers are often misinformed about the advantages of these eco-friendly models.

So let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions about hybrid vehicles.


1. Finding charging stations for hybrids is difficult

Unlike full-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, hybrid cars do not require any sort of charging. Hybrid cars are powered mainly by a gasoline engine, and the electric motor, powered by a separate battery, only works to assist the engine. Hybrid cars, like gasoline vehicles, must be fueled the traditional way.




2. Hybrid cars are only for the summer.

While it is true that fuel mileage dips in colder weather as low temperatures reduce engine capacity and demand more energy to continue running, this does not make hybrid cars less appealing in winter. In fact, hybrid cars are a lot easier to operate than gas-powered vehicles because of their motors. An electric motor has far fewer moving parts than a gasoline engine, allowing the car to move more efficiently and make better use of energy even in colder climates.


3. Hybrids are not suitable for families.

We understand that driving with children requires plenty of room in the backseat. To suit larger families, Kia’s hybrid models provide ample cabin room for passengers and cargo. Kia Niro, for example, boasts cargo capacity of 427 liters and more than enough to seat five people comfortably. Meanwhile, all of our hybrid models come equipped with the highest standard safety features. 




4. Hybrid cars are difficult to maintain.

Hybrid vehicles have long been thought of as difficult to maintain but it is in fact the opposite. Hybrid cars have a far longer life expectancy than traditional cars as they have fewer working parts to maintain. Therefore, they do not require many of the traditional repairs and maintenance of other internal combustion engine models. As long as the battery of a hybrid is well taken care of, hybrids will deliver impressive lifespans.


5. Hybrid cars are not stylish or attractive.

It was once believed that one needed to sacrifice style in order to drive hybrids. This sentiment is a thing of the past. Kia’s hybrid line-up is as visually striking as it is functional. In fact, Kia’s hybrid utility vehicle Niro has been awarded numerous prestigious design awards this year for its aesthetically pleasing styling.




Hybrid cars are an environmentally conscious vehicle choice that do not lag behind gasoline vehicles in form or function. Now that your misconceptions about hybrid models have been cleared away, why not take one of Kia’s green models out for a spin?


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