Kia Stonic – The rise of the compact crossover

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The SUV market is currently booming, and as the segment continues to grow in popularity, SUVs of all shapes and sizes are lining up to join in the fray.

Among SUVs, the sale of crossovers, especially compact crossovers, have noticeably skyrocketed in recent years. A perfect cross between a compact sedan and an SUV, compact crossovers (or CUVs) are quickly gaining traction all over the world, most notably in Europe and North America.

Crossovers are an attractive option for drivers of all demographics for many reasons. Unlike SUVs, which typically utilize the chassis of a truck, a crossover is built on a sedan platform, giving the vehicle more refined handling and driving comfort. Moreover, CUVs still maintain the advantages of passenger sedans, providing ample cabin space, as well as leg and headroom for passengers. With a confident and sturdy aesthetic reminiscent of a large SUV combined with the compact functionality and affordability of a smaller sedan, compact crossovers are perfect for those who may be conflicted between the two vehicle body styles.




Kia Stonic is the brand’s newest compact crossover model. Revealed overseas initially to a select group of European media and then finally to the world at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, our new model is already being met with a great response. With explosive growth of the compact crossover segment expected to continue, Stonic is projected to rise up the ranks as one of Kia’s bestselling models in the coming years. Despite the stiff competition, the Stonic is equipped with a variety of special features that makes it a compelling choice.




Bold SUV-inspired Design

The overall design of the Kia Stonic embodies the ‘effortless cool’ of European flair. The design team at Kia’s design studios at Frankfurt, Germany and Namyang, Korea sought to create a crossover that was compact in size but mirrored the confidence and boldness of the brand’s larger models. 





Utilizing simple and decisive lines, designers have crafted a sculpted and modern silhouette. The result is a sleek and lithe model that features a blend of sharp edges and softly sloped surfaces for a muscular and sporty feel. The Stonic is compact but exudes an aura of rugged power. 


Smart Technology

Stonic is Kia’s smartest car yet and it has a host of smart technologies for the utmost enhancement of the driver experience. Meanwhile, many of the ride and handling elements of the Stonic have been tweaked to ensure distinctive driving performance.




The unique suspension and steering wheel set-up delivers a fine-tuned and precise ride, and the electronic driving support and DRIVE WiSE systems offer further ease of driving in varying road conditions.




The Stonic is also a very smartly packaged model. The cabin offers generous seating room and is ergonomically engineered to guarantee that all storage areas are efficient, versatile and fall within comfortable reach of the passengers. The cargo area of the Stonic is the largest in its segment.





Perhaps the most standout aspect of the Stonic is that it is the most customizable Kia ever. With a full range of options for the exterior and interior, the Stonic can be personalized to suit any driver.





Customers have a choice of up to twenty color combinations for the exterior, with nine vibrant shades available for the body and five for the roof. The cabin trim and upholstery are available in grey, bronze, orange and green color packs.




Kia Stonic boasts a well-balanced combination of style, technological sophistication and versatility that will surely make it a strong competitor in the compact crossover segment. More will be revealed in the coming months as the Stonic prepares for its official entry into the European market later this year. Stay tuned and look out for this eye-catching crossover coming your way!


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