5 drive modes of Kia Stinger – How do you like to roll?

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A vehicle’s steering response is rarely something the driver has the option of changing. Some cars have a more aggressive steering setup that works remarkably well for performance-oriented driving but is less than ideal for other road situations.

But what if there were a way to dynamically adjust a vehicle’s driving mode to suit your driving preferences whenever you wanted? Kia’s Drive Mode Select function available on many of our cars allows you do just that.




By adjusting the engine, gearbox response, and steering weight, the system allows drivers to customize and optimize the steering feel of Kia vehicles. With the push of a single button, Kia drivers can gain a greater sense of control and comfort.

While most Kia models featuring Drive Mode Select have three different driving modes to choose from, the eagerly anticipated Kia Stinger fastback sedan has a total of five modes for a truly outstanding driving experience under any road circumstance or condition. Here’s a quick guide to the Stinger’s five drive modes.


Sport Mode




With Sport Mode, every driver input translates into a more intimate driving experience. Most commonly used when driving on the highway, Sport Mode makes steering more responsive and performance-oriented by offering better handling and greater control at higher speeds.




Targeted towards car enthusiasts, the Stinger’s Sport Mode prioritizes performance over everything else. It gives the steering a weightier feel, quickens throttle response and transitions the paddle-shift gearbox to provide a boost of sportiness. The electronic safety nets give a little more freedom, allowing you to enjoy the car’s playful rear-wheel drive balance without any risk of losing traction.

To make every function of the vehicle’s engine more sensitive and responsive, Sport+ Mode, which is an exclusive mode only available in the European market, provides a dynamic driving experience with restricted stabilization.




Comfort Mode

Ideal for day-to-day city driving, Stinger’s default Comfort Mode gently minimizes steering effort on the part of the driver with lighter handling and a smoother suspension feel.




In Comfort Mode, the steering is nicely weighted with decent self-centering, good accuracy and linearity. When cruising around the city, Comfort Mode provides smoother acceleration, allowing for a more relaxed gran turismo-inspired ride.


Eco Mode




A vehicle’s fuel economy depends heavily on when you drive, where you drive, and what kind of driving style you have. By utilizing Eco Mode, the Stinger leads drivers to a smarter way of economical and eco-friendly driving.




Eco Mode maximizes the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by adjusting the engine and transaxle operating parameters. In exchange for a slightly lower power output, Eco Mode improves gas mileage for both highway and city travelling. With highly optimized efficiency, this driving mode delivers a quiet and eco-friendly urban driving experience with truly impressive fuel economy.


Smart Mode




The Stinger’s Smart Mode monitors your driving style and switches constantly through Sport, Comfort and Eco modes to provide the optimum balance between performance, fuel economy, and smooth operation.

Designed to understand and anticipate the driver’s steering preferences, the Stinger’s Smart Mode adjusts vehicle operation accordingly and picks the right mix of settings depending on road condition and driving style.


Custom Mode




The Custom Mode enables a tailored ride by allowing drivers to alter the suspension, throttle and steering characteristics in accordance with their preferences.

With Custom Mode, the Stinger boasts the all-round drivability of a daily car, while providing an extra kick on open roads for enhanced driving performance.




Do you see why the Stinger has captivated so many car enthusiasts?

Aside from its ultra-comfortable ride, the Stinger delivers sensational handling, while transporting its occupants in style and at speed. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you unparalleled driver-oriented technologies that help fine-tune your driving experience.


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