Welcome the New Pace of Life – Kia Stinger x BBC Top Gear

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The summer heat was no match for the pleasure that Kia Stinger brought.


Kia Motors teamed up with the BBC Top Gear team this summer to visualize how the Kia Stinger premium sports sedan is certainly no ordinary Kia.




The mighty 3.3-litre, twin-turbo V6-engined sports sedan was put through the ultimate test on road and track with 2012 World Touring Car Champion Rob Huff at the legendary Cadwell Park circuit, known as the “mini-Nurburgring.”




Cadwell Park at Lincolnshire, United Kingdom is the perfect racetrack, featuring challenging elevation and tight curves as well as high speeds, often resulting in faster vehicles detaching from the Earth momentarily.





For an exclusive, one-and-only Kia experience, Kia invited four excited petrolheads to Cadwell Park for an introduction to the mighty new Kia Stinger by special chauffeur, Rob Huff.


Coming face-to-face with the Stinger for the first time, their eyes were totally captivated by its head-turning looks and muscular confidence.




As a true gran turismo tailored for spirited long-distance driving, the petrolheads were truly amazed by how the flawless stance, proportions and visual balance of Stinger lend the car an air of elegance and athleticism, rather than aggression and brutality.



The reaction from the passengers was as big on the road as it was on the track – they were surprised that it could be so stable and so effortless on such a demanding track.






They weren’t the only ones who were stunned by the towering performance of the Stinger. Throughout the performance test drive on the track, professional racer Rob Huff was genuinely impressed by the groundbreaking performance and nimble handling of the Stinger, as well as with its aesthetically pleasing styling and ambiance.





From the track driving experience that underscored its powerful acceleration, the Stinger then headed north from Lincolnshire through the stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands, the perfect setting for a dream drive.




Validating its quality and reliability at both Cadwell Park and the Scottish Highlands, the Stinger, without doubt, boasts a near-perfect driving experience with a refined balance of power and comfort.




The man behind the Stinger’s ride and handling performance is Albert Biermann, Kia Motors‘ Head of Vehicle Test and High-Performance Development. Biermann stated that the core philosophy of Stinger lies in its chassis development, which makes possible ‘a legendary GT driving experience’. This is also what he is most proud of about the Stinger. “Now the driving experience can compete with its highly emotional appearance.” He confirmed, “The Stinger drives as good as it looks.”




Kia Stinger, a true driver’s car, is the historic result of years of impassioned design and development work at Kia.




As the most exciting and thrilling Kia machine yet, the Kia Stinger is surely a whole different animal that combines power, practicality and extremely appealing styling with the GT-ignited embers of passion. This game-changing new Kia will go on sale globally in the fourth quarter of this year, so stay tuned for its long-awaited arrival!

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