Kia’s top 3 best-selling vehicles spur sustained sales growth

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Kia Motors is making significant headway in redefining its brand value as well as in achieving continued sales growth.

Along with increased global sales, Kia Motors America announced its best-ever September sales of 52,468 vehicles, marked by the highest September sales total in company history for the Forte nameplate (also known as ‘Cerato’ in some markets). Meanwhile in Europe, Kia Motors Europe posted record third quarter sales performance with 364,924 units sold year-to-date.

Despite the tough global market conditions, our growth trajectory is propelling the company to extraordinary heights as one of the most visible automakers in the world. Among Kia’s growing lineup featuring higher quality materials and innovative technologies, we are delighted to introduce the top 3 global bestsellers of 2017.


1. Sportage

Kia’s total sales in 2017 as of September amounted to 1,987,104 units, with Kia Sportage taking the top spot with 351,518 units.




Retaining its position as a strong seller for the brand since 2016, the Sportage dominated the SUV and crossover market, confirming its aesthetic and dynamic appeal along with greater practicality.




Combining a distinctively European and sporty stance with contemporary design and functionality, this award-winning vehicle boasts a spacious cabin with impressive driving dynamics that offer a more precise steering response and better fuel economy.




As sales of compact CUVs are on a sharply upward trajectory, the Sportage should continue to occupy the top spot with its expressive, distinctive styling and the versatility to handle even the most multifaceted active lifestyles.


2. Cerato (Forte)



Kia’s second best-selling model of 2017 so far is the Cerato (known as ‘Forte’ in some markets), reaching 252,246 units sold year-to-date.




Boasting exceptionally attractive pricing across the model range, the Cerato sports a sleeker profile with a more fluid appearance, highlighted by its aggressive front fascia with a wide tiger-nose grille that extends into the headlights.




Being the first vehicle to be built at the Mexico production facility, one of the largest Kia manufacturing plants in the world, this sophisticated compact sedan provides a nice balance between controlled handling and a comfortable ride with improved fuel economy and smoother shifting.




Delivering endless passion of youth, the value-packed Cerato is the perfect companion for everything from family journeys to a lively night out on the town.


3. Rio



As the third global best-selling model, with more than 189,837 units sold in 2017 to date, Kia Rio brings an exciting combination of fuel efficiency, innovative technology, everyday convenience and fun-to-drive character to value-conscious consumers.




Providing even a more confident and balanced appearance than its predecessor, the all-new Rio offers class-leading practicality and safety technology to complement its refined and engaging ride and handling characteristics.




Meeting expectations of savvy motorists, the Rio’s strong, taut and energetic character delivers crisp and nimble handling, improving overall driver confidence.


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Maintaining the recent positive momentum, we at Kia Motors are renewing our credentials as one of the most reliable and distinctive automakers in the world.

With the introduction of Kia Stinger and Kia Stonic, our automotive passion is set to raise Kia’s brand awareness while introduce the brand into new segments and enhancing sales performance. So stay tuned for our future value-driven, broadly appealing lineup that offers a new kind of driving pleasure!


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