‘SpooKIA’ moments – 2017 Kia’s Halloween postings

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It’s that time of the year again when you can consume sweets with less guilt and everyone – including cars – dress up to go wherever our imagination takes us to. We at Kia also enjoyed the holiday as much as everyone else! Today at Kia Buzz, we’d like to share with you some of the most ‘SpooKIA’ moments gone viral throughout our local Facebook channels.



Kia-Souled Pumpkin – Kia Motors Mexico

Every pumpkin deserves a face on Halloween, and this one got a special one-of-a-kind look. Left solely in the middle of an eerie graveyard, this pumpkin has been souled by Kia Soul! Despite the gruesome atmosphere around it, this Soul-faced pumpkin boasts an undaunted presence as much as our beloved Kia Soul.



Fun-filled and treat-packed Kia Soul – Kia Motors Chile

Here comes another Kia Soul dressed up for Halloween, completely packed with all kinds of treats. With this funky Kia Soul, every moment will be spook-tacular!



Every good boy deserves a treat – Kia Motors Puerto Rico

Instead of the traditional Halloween celebration with pumpkins, ghosts or witches – Kia Motors Puerto Rico shared a photo of an innocent dog in a devil costume. Who wouldn’t offer a treat to this adorable pet?



Hybrid of the night – Kia Motors France

Spotted: A haunted Kia Niro with red vampire eyes. But we assure you, Niro’s always been a good Hybrid and it won’t dare harm you!



Peek-a-boo! – Kia Motors Netherlands

Every Halloween, Jack-o’-lanterns never miss an opportunity to pop out from the most unexpected places. Kia Motors Netherlands knew exactly where it would be hiding this time!



Pumpkin perfection – Kia Motors Sweden

We proudly present the first-ever Kia-branded pumpkin! Kia Motors Sweden created a delicate carving to celebrate this Halloween. A candlelit Kia logo is doubtlessly a perfect decoration on the Halloween pumpkin.



Stylish Stonic goes ghostly on Halloween – Kia Motors Ireland

One of our most eye-catching crossovers, Kia Stonic appears with a bewitched look on its face. Kia Motors Ireland wishes you a happy Halloween in the most ghostly way!



Kia Stinger is not afraid of anything! – Kia Motors Poland

Kia’s first-ever fastback sport sedan, Kia Stinger, haunted the streets of Poland with fast and powerful dashes. The wheels are all yours, so hop in for the most thrilling ride!



Meet the growling silhouette – Kia Motors Egypt

This Kia vehicle is dressed up in one of the most common yet evil costumes for Halloween. Look how Kia’s signature Tiger-nose grille glows in the dark, hinting with a sneaky smile on its face! Can you guess which Kia this one is?

Once again this year, Kia vehicles boasted creepy yet confident, stylish outfits, catching all eyes on this year’s fun-packed Halloween day. Did your Kia also have fun on the spookiest holiday? Share your haunted and ghostly Kia photos in comments below!


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