Passing the ‘Green Light’ torch to local communities in Tanzania and Malawi

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Kia Motors passed the ‘Green Light’ torch to local communities in Africa this past summer by living up to its promise of handing over a community-run school in Tanzania and a healthcare center in Malawi. Both facilities were constructed and opened under Kia’s Green Light Project.

The Green Light Project was founded in 2012, providing hope to those in impoverished areas waiting for the light of self-sufficiency to turn from red to green. As of today, the Green Light Project has spearheaded the establishment of five schools, two healthcare centers, three auto-mechanic training centers, and several support vehicles serving local community needs.

Based on such positive outcomes in Africa over the past five years, Kia plans to continue expanding the Green Light Project to include numerous other countries and regions with the support of its global network. 




On July 31st, the Kia Green Light School (KGLS) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, founded in 2012 and now employing 31 teachers teaching 500 students, hosted the first handover ceremony attended by residents, teachers, students, dignitaries, and Good Neighbors Tanzania representatives. Did you know that Tanzania was the very first site for Kia’s Green Light Project?



The second ceremony took place at the Salima Green Light Healthcare Center located in the Salima Township, two hours east of Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city, on August 3rd.




The center was also founded in 2012 and currently employs a number of doctors, nurses and local medical assistants providing healthcare for communities across the region. Traditional Authority Salima, Kalonga and Salima District commissioner, dignitaries, Kia representatives, and volunteers attended the ceremony in support of the cause.




This year was Kia’s fifth visit to Malawi. You may recall Kia volunteers repairing classrooms and student living quarters at KGLS in Lilongwe and participating in the mobile clinic, library, and cinema programs in Salima from ‘Kia’s Green Light Project continues forward!

The Green Light Project started with the ultimate goal of helping communities to stand on their own feet after supplying them with the appropriate resources. Today, we are happy to share with you that this goal is coming true – the red light is now yellow and ready to turn green!

Kia is proud and honored to work with our global network to take on the social responsibility of lighting the path to ‘a better way to go’ for those whose lights shining on the future are too dim.


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