“I can’t wait to know what car this is!” – Stinger Blind Test Drive in Mallorca, Spain

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“Ideally, we should be one…the car and me”




In October, Kia Motors Europe anonymously invited 10 ‘driving guys’ from Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France to an exhilarating driving experience with Kia Stinger. This diverse group of influencers and car enthusiasts were brought together for their love of driving and journeying.

Driving a good car is not just an activity but more of a way of life for the driving guys. Behind the wheel of a car, they enter a state of euphoria. The hum and the growl of the engine release adrenaline and the vibrations of the car charge the driver with insane energy. As they press on the gas pedal throughout their journey, an incredible feeling of freedom embraces them.  




For a more fun and honest experience, the driving guys were not informed of the brand, model, or the destination of the event until the very day we took them to the Mallorca racetrack. In groups of two, by nationality, the drivers were guided to through the three-part test: interview, “feeling the car” blindfolded, and driving.


Make It a Journey l Kia Stinger l KiaThe drive has never been more powerful, the sound never more melodious, the attitude never more aggressive – the experience never more fulfilling. Watch for more of what our test drivers have to say about the #KiaStinger. #Kia #Makeitajourney

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Blindfolded, the driving guys focused their senses on the tips of their fingers as they caressed the car. They traced the Stinger’s handsome face featuring Kia’s signature tiger-nose grille housed between the complex LED headlamps and admired its shoulder line and fastback silhouette which is enhanced by the ‘Coke bottle’ shape of the car’s flanks.




After previewing the exterior of the car, the driving guys got to sit in and feel the interior. “It’s super comfortable,” noted one participant, the result of carefully designed proportions and use of high quality materials. Measuring 4,830 mm in length and 1,870 mm in width, the Stinger is longer and wider than many sport sedans, offering more space in the cabin and cargo area, meaning there is sufficient space for everything.




After “feeling the car”, the Stinger’s muscular confidence, from its sleek frontal section to its svelte flanks all the way down to its powerful haunches, certainly piqued the blindfolded driving guys’ curiosity.


“More than enough power”




All ten of the driving guys then had a chance to test drive the car, which was void of any visible branding, and were immediately satisfied with the pure gran turismo cruising comfort and instant acceleration delivered by the longitudinally-mounted turbocharged engine under its long bonnet. The car’s enormous power and torque supplied by Kia’s in-house designed second-generation electronic eight-speed automatic transmission filled one of the driver’s stomachs with a “warm fuzzy feeling”.




Overflowing with unrestrained energy behind the wheel, the driving guys kept pushing – faster and with more power, enjoying the eight-speed transmission that enables immediate shifts while ensuring optimum fuel efficiency. This blind test also gave the driving guys a chance to check out Kia’s first use of its Centrifugal Pendulum Absorber (CPA) torque converter, frequently found in aviation and racing applications, which was applied to assist the reduction of torsional vibration through the drivetrain.


Finish line vs. Make it a journey

At the end of the test drive, the driving guys were given a last second detour decision between continuing on to the finish line or extending the drive and making it a journey. The drivers’ instincts coupled with the thrilling ride led them to continue the drive into the real world.




“It’s a Kia

At the circuit’s exit before hitting real roads, the Stinger’s brand and model were revealed to the drivers. Everyone’s eyes widened, jaws hit the ground, and they proved that, yes, we do indeed have the power to surprise.




So wherever your journey may take you, make it an unforgettable one with the Stinger. With market launch already having begun in many countries, we are now looking forward to our customers testing out the Stinger and experiencing the joy of the journey!


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