Have your voice heard with Kia’s UVO: Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

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Stay safe and connected with your hands remaining on the wheel through Kia’s UVO eServices system.




UVO, a play on “Your Voice”, eServices is a telematics and infotainment system offered in select Kia vehicles marketed in the U.S. The system can be physically accessed by the touchscreen or control buttons that are conveniently located on the dash and steering wheel. A USB connection for mobile devices is also provided for charging or uploading/downloading content from/to the UVO system. True to its name, the system is ultimately designed to be accessed verbally so that you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.




To get the most out of UVO, users should download two crucial apps to their mobile devices in addition to the UVO eServices app: Apple CarPlay for iPhones and Android Auto for Android devices.




The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps enable you to integrate your phone (and contents) with Kia’s infotainment system. You can make hands-free calls, send and receive messages, have access to iMaps or Google Maps, music, as well as third party apps while driving. Support is provided by the familiar voices of Siri and Google Assistance.

The UVO eServices app enables users to integrate their immediate needs with their vehicles, anywhere and anytime.




Point of Interest (POI): Save map addresses either on your phone or through the web at and pull them up on your vehicle’s UVO system whenever needed.




Parking Reminder: If you are parking in a parking structure where you should, ideally, remember the floor level and section number, just snap a photo and make a note with the app for tracking. Perhaps you forget altogether – no problem, easily locate your car with the UVO app by having the vehicle send its exact GPS location. The app also features a parking meter reminder that alerts you to add more money when necessary.

There are also several features to keep an eye on your vehicle when someone else is driving your Kia.




Geo Fence: Immediately be notified when your vehicle leaves a set perimeter.




Curfew Limit: Be notified if the vehicle is out past a set curfew.




Speed Alert: Let the app alert you if and when the vehicle is travelling above a set speed limit.




In addition to entertainment and convenience features, UVO eServices also provides carefully designed maintenance and emergency assistance. If you feel that something is not right with the car, you can run a critical diagnostics check without having to go to a repair shop. If something comes up, UVO will give you the option of scheduling a repair appointment immediately or attending to it later via the app or website. Should it be an issue that requires immediate care, you have access to 24/7 roadside assistance.    




Most importantly, when airbags deploy in the event of an accident, the emergency service dispatch feature automatically contacts the emergency operator. If the call is not manually canceled by the driver, the operator will be provided with the location of your vehicle through its GPS system for help to be sent your way.




Kia Motors continues to further improve and create smart device integration like UVO eServices, in pace with the rapidly developing smartphone technologies. So stay safe, stay connected with our smart devices and apps incorporated in our latest models. Keep tuning in for more smart device and connectivity innovations from Kia!


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