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Kia Rio packs safety, space, style, and athleticism all within its compact design. It is the ultimate everyday car, tailored to fit your daily routine. With ample cargo room, extra space for your portable devices in the front, and even more headroom and legroom, the all-new Rio is free-spirited, vibrant and  – dare we say – downright groovy.



The Rio’s colorful characteristics also represent a new lifestyle that is admired but not always easy to pursue without a bit of encouragement. And so, the all-new Rio hit the road in ten different countries, seeking to prompt groovy individuals to share messages of their own on how to #FindYourGroove.


“Feel free to express yourself.” – Estefania from Lima, Peru




For painter and musician Estefania, her groove is simply ‘existing’. “Being me and relishing all the experiences in life helps me comprehend the meaning of love, wisdom, respect, acceptance and freedom.”  She also encourages sharing that love with others, accepting them for who they are. With this philosophy, Estefania enjoys interacting with people through her art – a true expressive medium of one’s existence – especially through the “Estefania Social Support Program”, an art education program supporting other artists and neglected children.  


“Find what you love.” – Simon from Dubai, UAE    



Simon defines “Find Your Groove” as “finding what you love” and making it your “thing”. For him, personally, “finding my groove is all about finding a work-life balance that combines everything I love. The aim is to live a life you enjoy so you never need to take a holiday from it”.

Simon found his groove about 10 years ago when he traveled to Dubai, expecting to find a big sandboarding community. When he didn’t, he took it upon himself to build a few sandboards. From then on, he started receiving orders from outdoor stores wanting to stock his boards. How does Simon express his groove? “The speed, the excitement, the fresh air, the landscape, the views – all make me feel alive”.


“Don’t give up, keep trying and get your groove.” – Dennis & Seven from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


“Soul searching” is how both Dennis and Seven translate “Find Your Groove”. They believe that groove is something natural that already exists within you. Dance allows Dennis to express his groove without saying a word. For Seven, dance pushes her out of the box, enabling her to conjure up her groove from within.



Everyone has their own unique groove, amplified by the youthful, vibrant Kia Rio. What is your definition of finding your true groove? For more inspiration, see more of what our many influencers have to say by searching #FindYourGroove and #MyGroove on Instagram!


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