Kia’s New Flagship Vehicles

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Flagship Vehicles for automobile brands, as you already know, marks the highest level of excellence. They are the vehicles that demand the most attention and create the most anticipation. Recently for Kia, there are two definitive flagship models that cannot go unmentioned when talking about “Kia”. 


Stinger: Kia’s Milestone

The Stinger, Kia’s very first GT production car, generated worldwide buzz at its launch, swept several awards and is consistently praised for its exhilarating handling characteristics, pristine refinement, and extraordinary gran turismo capabilities.




The Stinger is available with a selection of turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines, features an advanced Launch Control function that assists in generation of maximum power upon acceleration, fine-tuned suspension, and five drive modes – Personal, Eco, Sport, Comfort, and Smart. The fastback sport sedan also comes with many silver linings including Dynamic Stability Damping Control (DSDC), Mechanical Limited Slip Differential, Paddle Shifters, Launch Control, Brembo Brakes, Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Active Hood Lift System (AHLS), Driver Attentional Alert (DAA), and more.




The Stinger is Kia’s dream-come-true vehicle and marks a very important milestone in the brand’s history.


K900: The Upgraded Classic

Luxury takes up on a whole new meaning with the all-new K900 drawing inspiration from the Gravity of Prestige design concept exuding strength through rich detail and solid surfaces.

A new Quadric pattern signature grille, designed conceptually based on the changing shape of condensed energy, has been introduced as the focal point of the K900.  The new grille contains 176 jewel-like cells representing the release of energy accelerating away from its very center. Geometric design details like this add an element of modernity to the latest technology.




Lines in the high-strength steel bodywork flow naturally from the grille, rising over the hood and in profile, sweeping through to the rear flanks before meeting at the back. The visually progressive design of the Duplex LED headlamps provides the all-new K900 with a high-prestige image. A chrome flash adds visual depth to the smooth bodywork, the chrome window-lines add a degree of technicality and structure to the free-flowing C-pillar before merging with the rear deck featuring tail lights and exhaust housing, also finished with fine chrome details.

Size-wise, the all-new K900 is longer and wider than its predecessor, while both front and the rear overhangs are short, pushing the wheels further out to the corners of the car expressing more space along with improvement in ride quality.




Inside is a refined and luxurious cabin wrapping around the driver designed with greater space and comfort than ever before. Flowing from the center of the dash and outwards to the doors, sufaces are trimmed in a sophisticated combination of materials, with soft-touch feel, a blend of highly tactile wood and metal veneers, and genuine leather throughout.

Last, but certainly not least, the K900 features an array of new systems and safety features, making it the most technologically advanced Kia ever. Driver operation will be enhanced with the 12.3-inch Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen and UVO luxe providing all sorts of information. The all-new K900 has four drive mode options – Comfort, Eco, Sport, and Custom – and an array of safety features provided as part of Kia’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).




These two new flagship vehicles embody the brand of Kia and sets the bar high for future development. Without a doubt, we will continue to push to make more of our dreams come true and to bring you more surprises, not so far in the near future. Make sure you stay tuned for the surprises to be revealed at the New York International Auto Show!


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