Kia’s Green Journey for Earth

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In celebration of Earth Day, we’d like to take you on Kia’s green journey. In efforts to achieve a sustainable future, Kia pursues significant ECO dynamic activities. In 2014, Kia ranked 35th in the 2014 Best Global Green Brands, marking its footprint as a rising star among global automotive brands in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness.




The environmentally friendly brand ECO dynamics was first launched in 2009 as part of Kia’s firm commitment to the pursuit of zero emissions in the brand’s future. “Eco,” taking lead from “Ecology” and “Economy,” paired with “Dynamics” – ECO dynamics – translates to “Automobile of Sustainable Mobility.” Following suit, there are now three active sub brands: ECO Plug-in, ECO Hybrid, and ECO Electric.




Vehicles that fall under the Hybrid sub brand are those that combine traditional combustion engine with an electric motor to maximize engine efficiency while minimizing carbon emissions. Building upon the success of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), Kia has increased battery capacity and is constantly developing Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs), to enable full electric operation over an extended distance.




Electric Vehicles – Soul EV –  have been produced in pursuit of the ultimate goal of zero emissions. EVs’ high efficiency EV motor minimizes energy draw to result in better fuel economy and its massive lithium ion polymer battery improves fuel efficiency as well as battery life through low internal resistance, improved design and control to help maintain optimal status when being charged or discharged.




EVs have a built-in charging system which maximizes convenience by offering both fast charging at charging stations and easy charging at home. There is no concern about not knowing how much driving distance you have remaining with the supervision cluster, an OLED screen and round segment LCD providing a helpful information for eco-friendly driving.




As part of eco-strategy to expand the range of environmentally-friendly vehicles, we recently exhibited the Niro EV concept, a fully-electric compact SUV, at CES 2018. Powered by a next-generation electric vehicle powertrain, this concept boasts new safe, advanced technologies that represent the next step in our ongoing journey to electrification.



On top of its eco-branded products, Kia conducts eco activities across the whole process of manufacturing cars ensuring that all phases of car production, from design and assembly to distribution and disposal, contribute to making the earth much safer and healthier. Stay tuned as Kia continues to strive to create products that will do less harm for a greener planet. Happy Earth Day!


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