Sedan vs. Hatchback – Part 2: Kia Rio & Cerato

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In part 1 of the sedan vs. hatchback series, we briefly talked about the main differences between a sedan and a hatchback. Now we know that a sedan is a three-box design vehicle that has more stability at high speeds, and the hatchback a two-box design vehicle with maximized flexibility in the cargo space!

To give you a clearer idea which vehicle might suit you best, we will specifically look into two Kia models that have both sedan and hatchback options: the Rio and Cerato (also known as the Forte).


Two Faces of Kia Rio: the Sedan and the Hatchback



Kia Rio Sedan & Hatchback (from left to right)


Both the fourth-generation Rio sedan and hatchback offer a slightly bigger, sportier appearance than their predecessors thanks to a longer wheelbase and more upright A-pillars. The Rio’s interior is also decidedly more spacious, modern and upscale with an improved instrument panel and upgraded interior materials, accommodating its new range of technologies. Under its hood, it is equipped with a 130 horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, improving the driving dynamics and fuel efficiency, as well as responsiveness.



Kia Rio Hatchback


Aside from the similar specifications, the hatchback has a thinner tiger-nose grille with a different fog light design. While the headlights of the hatchback have a four-lens design, the sedan’s have two. As mentioned before in part 1, the hatchback offers a foldable rear seat option, which allows ample cargo space to accommodate large luggage, small furniture items or weekend gear – tailored for a lifestyle in need of more room.


Kia Cerato (Forte): Sedan and Hatchback



Kia Cerato (Forte) Sedan & Hatchback (from left to right)


Kia Cerato sedan and hatchback, also known as the Forte in some regions, feature a sophisticated yet sporty design with efficient powertrain components and advanced driver assistance systems. Delivering impressive performance along with excellent fuel economy, the Cerato offers a wide, comfortable cabin no matter how long the journey.



Kia Cerato (Forte) Hatchback


Similar to the Rio, the obvious difference between the Cerato sedan and hatchback comes down to the added storage capacity that the hatchback body style provides. While both have a bold, aggressive front fascia, the wide tiger-nose grille on the hatchback extends into the headlights.




The choice differentiators between a sedan and a hatchback are your lifestyle and personal circumstances. Perhaps you are an adventurer with a lot of equipment to carry or, perhaps, you like more driving power that gives you a smoother ride on daily driving – your choice of classification entirely depends on your preferences. So which Kia will it be? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!


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