Kia launches new ‘Boundless for All’ global ad campaign with iconic Peter Pan

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The classic story of Peter Pan has been revived as a Sci-Fi blockbuster with Kia.




Kia Motors has launched a new global advertising campaign featuring characters from the beloved story of Peter Pan, with the goal of conveying sophisticated future technologies in an easy-to-understand and friendly way.



The three-minute film, entitled Peter Returns, is a re-imagining of the world-famous Peter Pan fairy tale and offers a futuristic take on Peter’s ongoing conflict with Captain Hook. In 2030, the not-too-distant-future, Peter Pan returns as a righteous hero, joined by trusted companions Wendy and Tinker Bell, to defend Neverland from the nefarious Captain Hook, who has been monopolizing the fruits of technological progress.




This short film is part of Kia’s ‘Boundless for All’ vision, in which opportunities for mobility are limitless, and where everyone can enjoy the infinite value that future transportation will bring. This is Kia’s manifesto for its role as a mass mobility provider in the future, with a thoroughgoing commitment to provide broader solutions to mobility.

Under the direction of award-winning French filmmaker Philippe André, Kia’s own brand identity is naturally reflected in this delightful film. Bringing this futuristic dream to life whilst capturing Kia’s unique spirit of challenge and passion for innovation, the film boasts an impressive production scale. About 200 actors, actresses and production staff members joined the project, while about 100 different costumes and a wealth of props were created. It also took around a year to make sketches of the imaginary Neverland and the future city and turn them into computer graphics (CG).


“Kia is on a journey to become one of the leading mass mobility providers in the future… Much like the people of Neverland in ‘Peter Returns’, everyone deserves to benefit from technological progress, not just the few.”

– Yong Won Cho, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Brand & Marketing Division at Kia Motors Corporation




Throughout the film, viewers are invited to a fun-filled experience of the multiple autonomous and advanced technologies featured in the Kia Proceed Concept, which was previously unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017.



Kia’s Smart Biometric Access System recognizes Peter just by his facial features and gait, the Dynamic Wireless Charging System automatically charges itself while running on the road, and the Valet Parking Pilot allows the vehicle to park on its own to help Peter and Wendy infiltrate Hook Tower.



For boundless communication, Smart Pixel Light technology sends messages to other drivers or pedestrians such as, “Your Lights are on” or “Watch Out!,” to help clear up confusion on the roads. Sound Focusing allows the vehicle to target sound at a specific person to alert them of the car’s presence, while Intelligent Agent is able to understand the driver’s voice commands and respond accordingly.



The technologies seen in the film are not just imaginary, but are actually being developed by Kia. Under the ‘Boundless for All’ thesis, Kia plans to commercialize Level 4 autonomous driving technology, with ‘Smart City’ autonomous vehicle testing due to commence in 2021.

Kia always considers people first and is highly dedicated to developing automotive technologies that provide a safe, convenient and limitless mobility experience for all. Future technologies are coming your way very soon, so stay tuned for more surprises brought to you by Kia and share your thoughts about the film!



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