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[Driving] First Drive: 2018 Kia Niro

“Kia’s new Niro is a perky drive that delivers excellent fuel economy and better performance than is expected of a traditional hybrid.”

Sportage emerges as best-seller in Israel

Israel has had a great year in terms of automobile sales as the vehicle delivery record posted in 2015 – 254,000 units – is expected to be broken in the next few weeks. What is more exciting is that for the first time in Israel’s history, the country’s best-selling car is not just a crossover SUV, but none other than our very own Kia Sportage!

Color me curious – The secrets behind the Kia Sportage colors

Kia Sportage, one of Kia’s longest running models, has been refined and perfected since the early nineties. Now in its fourth generation, the Sportage has emerged as one of the hottest compact SUVs on the market. One of the many reasons for the popularity of the all-new Sportage is its stylish and dynamic design. Among many impressive features, the carefully selected colors and design accents emphasize the Sportage’s attractive urban image. Recently, Kia BUZZ had the opportunity to sit down with the Mr. Jung-Jin Lee, Senior Researcher of the Kia Color Team, to learn more about the color development for the Sportage. Read on to find out more about the intriguing process.