Soul EV

[Consumer Guide] Living With an Electric Car: Our Year With the Kia Soul EV

“Within its small, economical footprint, the Soul offers surprisingly good passenger room in both the front and rear seats. The cargo floor behind the second row is sufficient for a good-sized grocery run, and folding the rear seats opens up enough space to haul an impressive amount of stuff, given the Soul’s tidy exterior dimensions.”

Kia Soul EV makes a Trans-European road trip, leaves a mark on history

In 2015, two Hungarian automotive journalists, Zoltán Sipos and Dávid Máth, of the country’s most popular Internet car magazine embarked on an exciting road trip that came about on a whim. What started as a joke between two friends soon became a full-blown challenge – the e-tap road trip – when the men partnered up with Kia Motors Hungary to drive the Soul EV from Budapest, Hungary to the Nuremberg Toy Fair held in Germany.


“Some of the EV’s biggest gems are inside the cabin: the responsive 8.0-inch touchscreen, user-friendly navigation system, and leather trimmed seats with ventilation up front and heating in front and back. I’ll especially miss the tech tidbits you can’t find on other cars, including a readout that displays how many kilowatts are currently being routed to the drivetrain, climate controls, and electronics systems and a button that directs the A/C only to the driver to conserve energy.”

Typography makes Kia cars come to life!

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