Sportage emerges as best-seller in Israel

Israel has had a great year in terms of automobile sales as the vehicle delivery record posted in 2015 – 254,000 units – is expected to be broken in the next few weeks. What is more exciting is that for the first time in Israel’s history, the country’s best-selling car is not just a crossover SUV, but none other than our very own Kia Sportage!

Kia on the streets – Fans contribute to Kia design

Kia Motors collects hundreds of the fan photos through our social media channels on a daily basis and are incredibly delighted to see the vast array of images that fans share with us. Among the collection, some of the most eye-catching photos are of unique Kia cars on the road. Join us today as Kia BUZZ takes you through some one-of-a-kind Kia creations developed and showcased by fans!

From polo to surfing, Kia’s ode to niche sports

It’s no surprise that sports spark passion and excitement. More than anything, they bring together fans from around the world to share and celebrate their love for athletics. This is why Kia Motors has been actively supporting sporting events, including some unique and less prevalent sports, all throughout the world. Today Kia BUZZ takes you on a tour around the globe to introduce sponsorship activities by local Kia distributors that are unique to each nation!