[New York Daily News] Ratings and Review: 2017 Kia Sorento

“In the 2017 Sorento, Kia builds a stylish midsize crossover, a practical SUV, and an undeniably safe family hauler. Combine these traits with the SXL’s upscale detailing, the reliability reflected in the best warranty you can get, and the value that comes with regularly discounted prices and car loan terms, and there is genuine value to be found in a Kia Sorento.”

[Kelley Blue Book] Best Buys of 2017: Small SUV

“The new Sportage is a cinch to live with and drive. Its interior is comfortable for all. The driver gets big, easy-to-read gauges and logical controls inside, and a commanding view of the outside world.”

Sportage emerges as best-seller in Israel

Israel has had a great year in terms of automobile sales as the vehicle delivery record posted in 2015 – 254,000 units – is expected to be broken in the next few weeks. What is more exciting is that for the first time in Israel’s history, the country’s best-selling car is not just a crossover SUV, but none other than our very own Kia Sportage!

Ensuring quality – Kia Sorento

Engineered and tested to exceed all expectations, the Kia Sorento may just be the Kia’s highest-quality vehicle. With sleek, strong and powerful features, the Sorento SUV is an embodiment of Kia’s dedication towards excellence and safety. Read on to find out why the Sorento is a trustworthy and reliable companion on the road!

[Kelley Blue Book] Compact SUV Comparison: 2017 Kia Sportage

“Whether you’re drawn to the new Sportage by its distinctively designed front end or in spite of it, Kia’s compact SUV only gets more appealing by the mile. Over two days and 450 miles of driving, the Sportage demonstrated strength after strength with refined driving manners, user-friendly operation and an accommodating interior. But the Kia didn’t stop impressing when the driving was done. Crunching numbers back in the office, the Kia proved a standout in predicted resale value, qualifying this well-rounded SUV as one of the segment’s smartest buys.”

[The New York Times] Video Review: Kia Sportage Gets a Stylish Makeover

“Now Kia’s oldest nameplate, the-fourth-generation Sportage, is far more pleasant, holding its own in a wickedly fierce segment that includes the Ford Escape, Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. Fans of lucha libre will especially love the Sportage’s front fascia, though others might wrestle with the face.”

[Detroit News] Dude, Kia Sportage got game

“But where the Sportage rewards you day-in-and day-out is with its on-road charisma. This is not a boring SUV. Acceleration is rabbit quick — and the SX-GDI even offers a Sport mode for a few more revs in the twisties. In a world where (my favorite 220-horse) hot hatches are in the Sportage price point, this grunt is a welcome addition to the family ute. As is the handling. The AWD system rotates beautifully and I tore up Oakland County esses with the nicely appointed chassis. When the venom seized me Mrs. Payne reached for the door handles — which are right where they are supposed to be.”

The future of the CUV and Kia’s Sportage

In the global automotive market, sport utility vehicles (SUV) are all the rage, with the segment estimated to reach sales of US$414 billion by 2017. Crossovers in particular are getting more and more popular thanks to their combination of SUV power with the ride comfort of a sedan. In this highly competitive segment, the Kia Sportage has been one of the most compelling CUV models and is one of Kia Motors’ global bestsellers, second only to the B-Segment Rio. Today, we explore the evolution of Kia’s flagship CUV and how it strikes the perfect balance between the capabilities of an SUV and the comfort of a sedan car.